Thursday, February 9, 2012


Remember how I'm having a hard time letting go tears from my eyes? Well, I finally cried tonight. Right after I finished reading Al-Quran and doing prayers. Not for something bad or any thing. I think it's a grateful tears.

I have just realized that I haven't talk to Allah lately. I prayed, but in my prayers, I never really talk about what's going on in my mind. I think I elaborated it on Twitter more than I share it to God. Feels like there is not enough words to thank God for whatever happened in my life. It might sounds cliche, but it is what I really feel from deep inside of my heart. Just by thinking of it, the tears suddenly flooded my eyes.

Not really sure if it's the age that is really talking, but as time goes by my wishes is getting simpler and simpler. And as for tonight, my top of prayer is for God to always protect me, my family, friends, and everyone I love. May Allah always lead us to the right path.


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