Friday, February 3, 2012


This is a one week late post. I was too busy learning Photoshop in order to fulfill the satisfaction of my ideal wedding invitations. It was so stressful. I didn't get much time to sleep, I even forgot to eat. Well, it would've been easier if only I excel in photoshop or illustrator or else. But as someone who has minimum skill, you can say I have a lot to ask. So with a little help from a friend and some tutorials on the internet, I managed to get it done *phiuf*

So, I've turned 27 last week. It feels... undescribeable.

This is my last year to celebrate birthday as single. Insha Allah, next year and a lot more years to come, I will be celebrating my birthday(s) as a wife and hopefully as a mother. *crossing fingers*

The fiance took a half day off from work. When he told me the plan, I was surprised. Because I was hoping for him to save the days off for our wedding and honeymoon. But turns out, he has saved the day off from from last year for my birthday. Sweet.

As usual, he came to my house after work. Just few hours before I officially turned 27. And when the time comes, he got me a present and some pink roses. He started to know me so well, he even wrapped my present all in pink. Even the bag from Kate Spade is also in the cutest shocking pink. That was so lovely. And the present itself may not exactly the same like what I've wished before but I love it still. Just what I needed.

Both my parents forgot my birthday. I did not blame them. They were too busy with work at the moment so I have to tolerate it. I'm a grown up now, remember? Although it made me sad a little bit. Plus none of my close friends wish me for the birthday this year. I can tolerate if one best friend didn't wish for my birthday, but all? It's just inexcusable!

Then later at night, an unexpected surprise came from my closest friends. They came all the way to my house after work just to surprise me with the birthday cupcakes and birthday wishes. I was not suspicious at all before, because it's not our habit to give birthday surprises like this. Turns out they all planned not to wish me on my birthday until they come to my house and surprised me. Ouh girls, it really worked!

Anyway, 27 is just a number. I still have a long, long way to go. Many dreams to catch and bunch of goals to be done. Though, I will always be forever young at heart.

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