Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Proud Sister, I am!

My little brother and I, we both have different taste in music. He's more into R&B/Hip-Hop and what so ever while my taste is much more random. Long before he found out that he likes to rap, he made a rock band with his friends while he's in junior high but it didn't last. One thing led to another, together with his friends, he then formed this R&B/Hip-Hop group called APPMC, record some songs in his room using God-knows-what. The songs may not be perfect considering they only record it with a simple software. But knowing the fact my teenage brother can produced lyrics and making his own music is making me so damn proud. My mother's friend's teenage kids said that they loved my brother's music and turns out he's well known among teenagers in Aceh. How weird is that? Spent his holiday back in Aceh, gathered up with his friends in short period of time and voila, here's the video they made and edited by themselves. Here goes the indie spirit. Enjoy!

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