Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 365

So it's already January, people. This is my first post this year. Hopefully I can manage to keep this blog updated more often than last year.

My new year's eve was just like any other regular night. The plan is to watch DVDs and buy good meat at Mastro. The fiance and I, we did watch "Dream House" and "Final Destinations 5". But we didn't get to buy meat because I had major cramps last night. After we stopped by Grand Indonesia to buy some makeups for my 'seserahan' at Makeup Forever, my tummy ached so damn bad I couldn't walk or even talk. I think that's the worst cramps I had in quite some time. So we went straight home.

I've always have a love-hate relationship with January. I do love the fact that this is my birth month. But at the same time, the image of getting old kinda scares me. Seeing me in the past few years, I must say I feel like I'm growing up. Not only my looks, but also my way of thinking. If you think it's my narcissism talking, then go ask my mom :p

In order to file every memories of 2012, I'm planning to start using this application in my iPhone which I like to called it "Project 365". I will post daily photos this year. So I am required to take photos every single day and try not to miss any day. Hopefully this will run well. I am excited!

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