Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 was Splendid, How's Yours?

Time flies and without you realized, it suddenly brought you to the last day of 2011. It feels like it's only yesterday I was staying in the apartment refusing to go out with some friends who came and asked me to join them to the new year's party at the other friend's apartment. I'd rather stayed at home, watching TV and some DVDs than blending into the crowd. That's what I did in the past few years. As for this new year, some DVDs are already waiting to be watched. But what will make this year different is that I have the fiance to accompany me passing through the new year's blast.

Just like me, the fiance also refuse to go out on every new years eve. We'd rather stay at home than wasting our energy on traffic jam and facing the crowd. We might buy some good meat at Mastro and do a simple barbeque at my house. Just the two of us. Sounds romantic or boring? I'm reaching the phase where I just don't care what people think of us. As long as he's on my side, good food and DVDs as our companion, I think that will be enough.

Unlike last year, I am excited to face this new year. I always think 2011 as my journey to grow up as I took some huge decisions regarding my future. I stood for what I believe in, have faith, put a lot of hope, and finally I think I got what I deserve. God had answered my prayers. He might not give what I asked in a blink of an eye. The road to get there might be rocky, but it's worth the wait. What I've been through this year had me realized that everything happened for a reason. Every good, the bad, and even the worse. God knows what best for us.

Oh my dear 2011, you have taught me a lot. Now I'm looking forward for what will 2012 lead me to. Hopefully, it will not only lead me to the new phase of life but also to the better life. Amen.

Camera Obscura - "Happy New Year"

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