Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Choose To Learn From Other's Mistakes

I really can't thank God enough for giving me the chance to live in this era. Although I sometimes think it would be great to be experiencing the '70s. The fashion, the lifestyle, and the legendary musicians. But it must have been perfect if internet already exists those days. Don't you just love living in this era where we can get any kind of information so easily? Looking for references, inspirations or else just by typing the keywords on Google. And not to mention internet also make us easily tracking (read: stalking) on anybody. Especially those who happily shared their personal information on every social networking.

As for me, I'm also addicted to internet. It's okay for me to not interact with anybody as long as I have my internet. Not to chat with anyone, but I just love seeing pretty things, saving breath taking images, go on blog walking, find some inspirations and references on everything and updating my own social networking accounts. Not to impress anyone, but it is just because I love seeing my blogs loaded with beautiful and inspiring pictures. Just for the sake of my own satisfactions. I personally not so much into chatting with people. Not that I don't like making (new) friends, but I'm not that good in making conversations. Yes, I am so much aware that I am that boring. But I just don't care.

People say that we have a freedom of speech through internet. I'm not completely agree with that statement though. My account my rules as some people might have thought. Yes, we are given the freedom to post anything that is going on our mind, but there are still bold lines that some people might have forgotten. Sounds cliche? But that is the truth.

I think the most risky social networking goes to Twitter. It is loved by many people around the world. Common people get to interact with celebrities directly and we get to post what is happening around us in only 140 characters. It's quite challenging to compact our feelings into words in such limited characters. And I think the existences of Twitlonger reduced the beauty essence of Twitter. And those people who demand the request of follow back is also damn annoying. I mean, how interesting and important are your tweets that you can force people to follow you back? What is the good about it? In fact, if your tweets are very much interesting and useful, people will follow you automatically.

Once in a while, there are times when it is best for you to avoid tweeting or updating your status on social networking. Especially when you are in a very bad condition and you feel like your emotion is out of control. The urge of updating may suddenly raised up. But to think of it rationally, what's the point of letting everybody in the world know about your anger? You just don't know how people really feel about you. They replied you with a sympathetic responses, but in real life, they may actually laughed at you and love seeing how miserable you are. What's the use?

Being so frankly on social networking also impact one's image. There are some people who I slightly knew in real life but followed them on Twitter. I never knew about their real life because we hardly talked. But seeing their updates on Twitter suddenly changed my images of them. This also applies to celebrities. And I do believe some people might also have changed what they think of me after they see my oh-so-unimportant tweets. But that's life and you've got to deal with it.

Although it's actually a fun thing to do, but bitching about other people on social networking is also unrecommended. Dropping names also a big no no. But most people, including me, prefer to add some sarcasm. This is when #nomention twitwar starts. It often landed to the wrong directions. You are meaning to point the sarcasm to someone and yet other people may think you are insinuating them. And there goes another enemy for you to collect.

It's a funny world we're living in.

In one side, I'm happy enough to have internet as my source of inspirations and references. But in other side, I really hate it when I'm starting to lose control and don't know when to stop. It became addictive, it even makes me an advance procrastinator.

Note to self:
Start to use internet properly and know your limit. Take control of yourself and don't let the internet takes control over you. Oh honey, you really gotta learn when to stop.

*this post is inspired by Mrs. Kamseupay. Mam, your madness taught me a lot*

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