Friday, December 9, 2011

Hectic Months

So I've resigned from my job. It's almost 2 months now. Not planning to find a new job anytime soon. I'm thinking of starting new business and work from home, though. Not that my husband to be won't allow me to have a career, but I just think it won't be fair for me to have much time at work more than I have at home once I got married and have kids.

The wedding preparation took a lot of time and energy too. Thank God for my super mom. I really don't know what would I do without her. The updates of my preparation is on my other blog. Lot of things to post, but still haven't got time to do it. But since I've resigned and jobless, hopefully it would be updated in these few days.

Talking about wedding, my other two friends are also having their wedding early next year. Right a month before me and they both will held it on the exact same date in 2 different cities, Bandung and Jakarta. I have to split up so I could attend both of the weddings. It's impossible for me to miss one of those because both are my good friends. I feel that I need to give them support on their big day.

Best of luck for the brides-to-be, including me!

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