Saturday, December 24, 2011

For The Love of Shoes

So I did the pre wedding photo shoot last week. Grabbed clothes that already in my closet and didn't buy anything new. We haven't got any specific theme for the photo shoot, though I gave some pictures that I loved and inspired me to the photographer so he could imagine how to rock the final result of the photo shoot. Already got the master CD of the photos that have not been edited yet. My narcissistic sense immediately urged me to post the photos here.

These are the shoes I bought online a few months ago that cost me a fortune just because I have to deal with the tax. Guess this is my most memorable shoes just because the tax officer forced me to paid 82,5% from the price of the shoes. It is just so ridiculous. Even these shoes aren't so comfortable to walk in, I still love owning it. Well at least I get to have these beauties hanging in my closet.

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