Wednesday, October 12, 2011


What I love from living in this era is that everyone has the freedom to express themselves. Showing how they really feel, what they have experienced and achieved. Therefore, I have just created another place for me to blabbering about the hectic of my wedding preparation. It's called: "Wedazzling; you and I, we make sense".

It is so hard finding names that is representative to your image. Then I just came up with Wedazzling. Took it from the word "We" and "Dazzling". Well, since it'll be talking about the wed plans, so it can also be "Wed" and "Dazzling". I know it sounds a little bit weird. But so far, it's the best I can get.

This new blog is made for the forgetful me as a wedding diary. My bad habit force me to file any important things so in a few years later, I could have something memorable regarding this wedding preparations. The plan is, once the preparation is over, the blog might continue on the journey. I will talk about marriage stuffs, perhaps. Yeah, we'll see.

Everyone is welcome to visit. Simply click this to surf it up. Enjoy!

Royksopp - "Happy Up Here"

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