Friday, March 1, 2013


Early this year, I've learned a lot about friendship and business. Not all people have the ability to mix it up together. For some, you have to be able to separate business from friendship and vice versa. I have a little bit of jealousy to those who can build business together just based on friendship.

Honestly, I've tried it and it totally ruined my relationship.

I don't exactly know what went wrong. Maybe it's lack of communication from the beginning or else. But what had happened to me has taught me a lot that business can not be build just based on trust, even with people you think you've known inside and out for so many years.

And yes, when it comes to money people change! After months of denials, I do believe that now.

Based on this shitty experiences, I dare to say that communication is the key entrance to start off the partnership. Before starting a business together, do make sure that you are all on the same path, vision, mission and goals. Spill out all of the things going on your mind and don't miss a teeny bit of it. Talking about building a business together, you can never take any decisions without discussing with your partner. Show some respect! The most important thing is that you have got to be honest, especially when it comes to the cash flow. And last but not least, trust your instinct. When you feel like there's something fishy going on, don't hesitate to confront and ask.

If you can handle all of the above, then you can decide, whether you can work together or not. It's better to cut off the partnership than having your whole life stressed out thinking about it.

In my case, lack of communication might be the cause to all of the chaotic.

By the way, I decided to erase some people from my life. People that I thought we would be friends for life. I have my reason to do so. It might not please some people, but I have to do it in order to keep me sane. One of my 2013 resolutions is to stay healthy and keep my sanity by surrounded by people who have respect to others.

Well, you live and you learn.  

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