Sunday, September 18, 2011

Words is Only Few Letters

Here, I admit it. I have been a bad blogger. Planned to updated my wedding preparation here in this blog but I got tight up with work and also the apartment renovation that is very much tiring. Since I got to go to work in the morning until afternoon, so I only got after working hours to clean up my stuff. Guess what, it needs 2 whole night for me to clean up all of it. Never thought I've been saving a lot of junks since I lived here. Found some stuff that needed to be thrown away, some of them need a new home and many of it haven't been used yet. What a shame.

Promised myself once the renovation is over, I will only save stuff I'm gonna use. Not only plan to use, but stuff that are useful. No more junks saving here in the apartment. It will only caused me major headache in the future.

Pardon for the lack of quality on this pictures. It was all taken by my Blackberry. But I have to post it anyway. Ah, well..

my old empty room

some of my junks I have been saving these years

I have been searching on some inspiring decorations for my new apartment. I will post it later because I've got so many, it got me confused which one to choose.

A little more updates, I have just resigned from my job. Well, it will be officially on October 15th. Actually, it was a huge decision to make. But a girl got to do what a girl got to do. Lucky to have a great boss like mine. She even said, I have to let her know if one day I ever wanted to come back to the company. You bet I will, Boss! I have got so many plans to do right after I quit the job. The wedding preparations, DIY projects, and start on my own business. Hopefully it will work out well. Wish me luck! *crossing fingers*.

John Lennon - "Working Class hero"

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