Friday, June 3, 2011

A Story of Everyone's Favorite Girl

Zooey Deschannel has been one of my all time favorite girls. That's why I always got distracted by anything related to her. So here's the latest updates that I got:

She has just launched a new lifestyle site, called Hello Giggles. According to Teen Vogue, the website is as adorable as Mrs. Deschannel herself. Totally agree! I've visited the site, and I'm in love with the simple layout. The contents are quite interesting too. And not to mention the cute blog header; faces of 3 girls that automatically will be giggling once you point your mouse cursor to their pretty faces. Oh-so-adorable!

As a slave for drama serials, I'm so psyched knowing Zooey now has her own TV serials. I don't know whether it's a good sign or the opposite for her acting career. Because based on what I saw on movies, when an actor decided to do serials, it means that his/her career in movie has finally find a dead end. Hopefully that's only a myth, because I believe there's a lot of people who still want to see her appearance on the big screen. So about her new serial, "New Girl" will be airing on Fox. I've watched the trailer and read a brief summary on the serial. Actually, there's nothing new, story-wise. And I must admit it's Zooey's pretty face and her funny character that makes me stick on watching it. Well, my judgement is still changeable once I saw the full episodes. And I do hope this serial will last for a very long time.

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