Thursday, April 7, 2011


Did you know that April 5 is the unofficial anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death? To mark the 17th anniversary of his death, Jared Letto made this video of him impersonating Cobain, singing "Penny Royal Tea" and "Rape Me". He wears the legendary green sweater and also a blonde wig. He does look like Cobain in the video. It feels like Cobain's soul is really alive in Letto's body. If there's any producer's planning to make a movie regarding Cobain's life, I think Letto should be considered as one of the strongest candidates. Don't you think?

A little flashback, I used to have "cintacobain" as my ID. But lately, I decided to just use my real name instead. Why? Because many people have mistaken "cintacobain" as love on trial. While the actual meaning is loving Cobain in Bahasa Indonesia. So, to avoid those kind of mistakes, I prefer to keep "cintacobain" for my own. But I will forever be "cintacobain" in the heart.

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