Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wear Your Local Products Day

Have you checked how many local products do you have in your closet? Me, I don't have that many. It's not like I don't want to support local designers or anything. Sometimes, it pisses me off to see overpriced local products. So I only buy local products with reasonable price.

Few days ago, I just bought a really cute pink-turquoise bolero with batik print on it. So when Nike asked to take photographs of me and Vina wearing local products for her website, I just wear this new bolero right away and mixed it up with my old mini dress that I rarely wear. So here's what we've got.

Efek Rumah Kaca - Belanja Terus Sampai Mati

1 comment:

  1. hai fanie, i love your style sumocho :D
    untuk local product with reasonable price, you can check Kavi Indonesia :D