Friday, January 21, 2011

What Requires One Fine Day?

Good news, good laughs, good friends? Considered I got it all in this one day. Okay, let's make a list of things that excite me the most today. Just this one day. So here it goes...

First thing I did this morning was checking on the Australian Embassy website and track on my visa. It was nerve-wracking. Can you imagine how nervous I was knowing both of my friends already got theirs but mine is still on hold? It feels like blood is rushing to my blood and butterflies wandering in my stomach. I was so afraid the embassy won't approve my application. The website didn't give any good response, so my inpatience led me to call the embassy. And thank God, my visa has been approved. So Melbourne, here I come!

Does any of you know who Sam Brodie is? Okay, shame on me. I just found out about him right after I met him this afternoon when I accompanied my friends photo shoot for Djakarta! He will be on the cover of the February issue. For those who don't know, Sam is half Javanese from his mother and half English from his father. He's a transexual who became famous when he starred in a high rating reality TV in the UK, "Big Brother". He appeared as a sexy woman but then decided to change his look to be more masculine with mustaches and beards. And he's only 19 when he joined the show (he's 22 years old now). Despite all of that, he's such a doll. We talked like we've known each other for years. And I must say, for someone who raised overseas, he speak excellent English but also good in Indonesian with a little bit of British accent. I noticed that he is such an inspiring person. No wonder he hits big time in UK. I guess, big personality is very much needed when you want to be a big reality TV star. And he's got all that. But too bad we didn't take pictures with him. And I must say, I prefer him as a guy because he looks cute, 'ey.

can you actually believe that these are the same person?

I've always loved Bob Dylan. I even want to name my future kid after him. So guess what, he's gonna play Singapore on April. My friend, Veve also had a huge crush on him. Maybe a little more than I do. We were so excited hearing the good news and we've planned to visit Singapore just to see our beloved Dylan. But the plans might change if any promoter dare to take him to Jakarta. Let's cross our fingers.

And, finally: good non-stop laughs with some good friends. That never fails to brighten up your day. Don't you think??

Here's the new video of She & Him. Don't you just love seeing Zooey Deschannel's pretty face? Enjoy!

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