Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Concert in 2011

Pharrell Williams is one among few guys who caught my eyes because of his effortlessly stylish look. I usually don't really like guys who concern much about their look. But Pharrell is different. He still look hot even with only T-shirt and jeans. So I got all excited when I heard his band, N*E*R*D is coming to town. Lucky me, one of my friend offered a free ticket to see them at Istora Senayan. So I went there with some good friends and we really enjoyed the performances. Guess we're not the only one who enjoyed the show. The crowd was wild. We're singing and dancing along. Their performances fulfilled my expectation. And I must say, I put my expectation quite high. So you can imagine how good they were.

Here are some pictures I took using my pocket camera. Sorry if the pictures are so blurry. The distance between my seat and the stage is pretty far. So this is the best I can get.

N.E.R.D (feat. Nelly Furtado) - Hot n Fun

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