Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Since this holy month, I come to realize that I really need to add some more fruits into my menu. I  choose to be more healthy and starting new habit, drinking a glass of juice for iftaar and sahur. I actually skipped my sahur, and a glass of juice before bed keeps me fit all day long during fasting. The problem is, the blender that I had before couldn't blend the fruits properly. I can still taste the dregs, like there's no filtration in it. I have been looking for the right blender to fulfill my needs. I'm not only looking for function, but I also fond for design with reasonable price. Yes, I know it's quite difficult to find the one that I want. After reading some reviews and asking some friends, many of them suggested this.

Yes, the one and only Phillips ProBlend 6 Technology. The tagline says it all, "best blending, leaves no bits". Not only it can handle fruits and vegetables, but it can also crush some ice too. Nice, huh? The multi speed function is perfectly smooth blending in any consistency you want. And it's quite easy to use too. The light will turn on automatically when you put on the jar into the motor. Right after you hear the click sound, it means you're ready to go. Just push the ice crush or smoothie button, or just easily set the blender to the speed that you want with the control knob. The blade is positioned off center in the jar which create turbulence and mixing ingredients in the most effective way. The spatula is included for mixing ingredients. What I love most is the quality of the glass jar, not made of plastic, and it looks stylish too. The glass jar holds 1,5 litres of food and 2 litres of liquid.

So far, I am a happy juicer. I can easily do my own juice with this baby here even when my house maid is no longer available. Ah, well...

the closer look

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