Thursday, April 21, 2011

To You Your Religion and To Me Mine

My ex boyfriend asked me to go to the church with him. The liberal kind of church. Where the priest allows loud music and loves to party. When I came, there's a music exhibition held in the church. Lots of cool stage and pictures of live music hanging in the wall. But no one famous, as I recall.

My ex is also a moslem. I don't know why he asked me to go to the church. He didn't forced me, though. I went there with all of my conscious. And I'm still covering my hair with hijab when I went there.

We met the priest. Talked about a lot of stuff, except one thing: religion. It's like the priest doesn't even care if I'm a moslem with hijab entering the church. I guess, it's just common. Everyone is welcome to get into the church. No matter where they came from and what their religion is.

After a long chit chat with the priest, me and my ex had a huge fight. I can't remember what we were fighting about. But I was extremely mad at him. He didn't say anything. All he did, stare at me with a very sad face.

Then suddenly, my eyes are wide open and I've just realized that it all was just one weird dream. Thank God!


Title of this post is taken from one of my favorite quotes from Al-Quran, Surah Al-Kafirun: 6.

I strongly believe everyone has their own right to choose which religion they want to believe in. I was born moslem and insha Allah will die as one too. As for myself, I never ever imagine converting into another religion, although I also believe every religion must have taught good things in life.

So regarding my dream, let's just think of it as one of new experiences I had while I'm asleep. Nothing more.

I don't know how to greet this properly, but Happy Easter to all my Christian friends. God bless you.

R.E.M - "Losing My Religion"

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