Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have You Created Your Own Happiness Today?

Have you ever imagined, what type of man would you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with? Me, I haven't really thought about it. Honestly, just like any (most) teenagers, I used to judge people by their physical appearance. But as time goes by, I become more logical and trying to train my mind so it won't get fooled by my own heart. I have to admit, it requires a lot of work, time and patience.

I got to think, we can't always get what we want. Well hey, I don't actually know what I really want nor need. It might sounds cliche, but all I know the only thing I want is to be happy. Who doesn't, right?

Everybody have different definition of happiness, though. From my point of view, you don't always have to depend on anybody else to reach your own heaven on earth. Why don't learn to create it your own? You can get happiness from anything, with no exception. Try to be inspired by any teeny weeny thing around you. As for myself, the clear blue sky often brings smile on my face even when I'm really in a bad mood. This might sounds weird, but every time my favorite song automatically shuffled on my iPod, feels like all of the problems in the world don't mean a thing anymore. Ah, and also a very delicious meal could really brighten up my day.

So, what's yours?

Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay"

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