Friday, February 25, 2011

First Post in Late February

I think I owe this blog stories of my trip to Melbourne last month. But so many things going on lately. Got a new job and other things that can not be explained in this public space. So, gonna postpone to blog stories of my stupendous experiences in Melbourne; moonlight cinema, Big Day Out, Laneway Festival and stalking on Deerhunter. That was one best vacation I had. I left a piece of my heart in Melbourne, promised to take it back later.

Speaking of Melbourne, we went to one free gig at Esplanade hotel right on my birthday, and we saw bunch of talented local musicians. But there's one band, Gold Fields that really caught our eyes. Not only their music is so damn good, but they also have good taste in fashion. Not to mention how cute they all were. Too bad they haven't had albums yet. But we're pretty sure they're gonna be big someday. Luckily, me and Vina met the drummer at Flemington for Big Day Out right when LCD Soundsystem is on stage. Vina recognized him first. And he looked shock when we asked to take pictures with us.

So here's the picture of me and the cutest drummer, Ryan D'Sylva.

And look what I found this morning. Maybe it was nothing. Or maybe I'm back in being a teenager again. But really, they've successfully made my day *blushing*

See, I'm blushing all over again :")

Gold Fields - Tree House

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